I refuse to judge that; it is what it is. That alone says a lot about just how far out the Cybertruck is. Remember that there is no longer a “traditional pickup truck buyer.” More trucks are sold than sedans. But as of today, that’s one inch less than the Cybertruck. FCA, GM, and Ford are only just dipping their toes in the shallow end of electrics at this point. That’s not say I want one, as I have no use for such a thing. 5. The “simpler” the design theme and the larger the surfaces, the more “love” those surfaces need. I didn’t mean to steal some of them, I was just doing other things so I didn’t see your post before I submitted. However, in these virtual times for which it is designed, it is appropriately faceless, shiny, attention-seeking, crass and (inherently) empty. The RoboCop theme is cool, no doubt, but as an actual production vehicle, I find it comical. All of the concepts mentioned such as the Marzal, Boomerang, Esprit (that actually reached production) and even stuff like the MB C-111 and the Dome Zero, they all looked MUCH more production ready than this truck does. It was the top trending thing on Twitter last night, and the media became a geyser of feedback. I believe that Ford always wanted to be an electric company or at least offer the option to its customers. I think it’ll be both. And loaded with an ATV, a job made easy with its integral load ramp and a variable height suspension. Ford has numerous developments in battery powered vehicles since Henry Ford and Thomas Edison worked together during the very beginnings of the Ford Motor Company. Von Holzhausen’s test of the Cybertruck’s “Armor Glass” didn’t go as well. I like origami big time – the Esprit is one of my faves and your call on the Boomerang is spot on. But these were just that: dream cars, to keep us salivating for the next production car, even if they almost invariably didn’t live up to the concept. I’d take Tesla’s windows breaking at the reveal over sitting through 45 minutes of Bill Ford skirting around the rationale of calling this long nose minivan a Mustang by telling us how how the infotainment works during and a leisurely drive around a racetrack with a driver who is known exclusively for driving sideways. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. But it’s a truck, why do the other functions not follow the form aspect? In sunny climes. Proof that Hans Christian Andersen’s 1837 parable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” still holds true today. My first thought when I saw the Cybertruck was “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour…you’re gonna see some serious shìt!”. Obviously, its aerodynamics are going to be much worse than the slippery Tesla sedans, but I’m quite eager to find out what it is. And Tesla stock dropped 6% overnight. The same themes keep on coming back, like a, ah yes, well you get the reference. That costs more money. It really does look like a cheesy ’80s movie prop. All are arriving in roughly the same time period: about two years or so, give or take. Instead of building a wall at the side of the truck, Tesla could have built a door. Given me a good old internal combustion engine any day. The mid 60s to the mid 70s was my favorite period of car design, when design was last left purely to imagination and free from aerodynamic, safety and marketplace realities, and this looks like a concept straight from it. Unless Elon Musk has just pulled an early April Fool’s stunt, the Cybertruck is for real, to be available in late 2021, although I wouldn’t bet on that date, given how optimistic Musk’s timetables tend to be. Audi acquired 90.1 per cent of Italdesign in 2010, Giorgetto retaining the rest for himself and his son, Fabrizio. I’m not sure how common my use case is, but to me, this is looking pretty amazing. Might that steering “wheel” make it into production ? Automotive Alter-History: X-Ray Specs – AMC Spins a Tale of the Tape, Truckstop Classic: 1959-1961 GMC DLR/DFR 8000 “Crackerbox” – GM’s Deadly Sin #32 – Turns Out the Most Advanced Semi Truck In the World Wasn’t What Truckers Really Wanted.